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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 7, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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more cold weather moves into the bay area. how low the temperature could go. and a happy homecoming as veteran held captive finally returns to u.s. soil.
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realize exactly how dangerous it is outside for them right now. >> the effort is on to save lives as more freezing cold weather moves into the bay area tonight. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. ama dates has the night off. there is no break from the cold weather. this video shot at walnut creek where less than an hour ago temperatures have dropped below freezing and it is going to get even colder through the evening. a live look now outside in san francisco, and we have team coverage for you tonight. we begin with abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser for a first check on the weather and live doppler 7hd.
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>> we had the rain and the clouds and that kept temperatures a little warmer. not so tonight. showing you the clearing taking place across the bay area. we are still picking up a little light snowfall near south lake tahoe. otherwise most of the moisture has moved out of here. of course calm winds and very clear skies are going to prompt more freezing tonight. freeze warnings in effect until tomorrow morning. those pipes could burst in sub freezing temps and the risk of hypothermia. we need to be aware of plants and your pets. snowfall, wonderful news in the sierra close to 32 inches in kirkwood the last 24 hours and squaw valley close to 19 inches. of course it was a nice rain maker for the bay area last night. rainfall totals just in the last 24 hours close to half an inch and concord as well as san rafael. how much longer will the cold air mass be with us? a look at the forecast coming
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up. >> see you in a few minutes. in the south bay officials are working to try to save lives as the temperatures drop. four homeless people died from exposure in the past few days in santa clara county. john alston joins us with the latest on the cold snap. john? >> close to 250 people here at this shelter and a mixture of regular residents and refugees from the cold. one challenge has been convincing homeless men and women and some with mental illness to come off the streets and into the warmth. >> in addition to all of the beds, they had to bring in mats to handle the extra people who will need a place out of the cold tonight. about 225 people are expected at the shelter in san jose. >> i have people out there on the streets that are freezing and i worry about them because i don't want anybody to pass away like it has been the last couple days. >> four homeless men froze to death in santa clara county this week even though there
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was enough space at local shelters. >> it was a sad week for us as homeless service providers that four people died on the streets, particularly since we opened the cold weather shelters on monday and there is capacity available for the homeless right now. >> teams of social workers visited local railroad tracks and other spots where homeless people are known to stay trying to coax them into the shelters for the night. many homeless prefer their familiar surroundings outdoors. >> it worries me a lot, actually, that people are not going to come in. i don't know if people realize exactly how dangerous it is outside for them right now. >> the recent deaths have prompted santa clara residents to donate clothes and blankets and cash to prevent more loss of life. >> that shouldn't happen. in san jose, in such a rich city you can't have people dying outside. that's not okay. >> shelters are bracing for more frigid nights. in san jose, john alston, abc7 news. a homeless man was found dead in dublin and authorities
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say it could be another death due to the cold bay area weather. his body was found on valley parkway. an autopsy to determine an exact cause of death is scheduled for monday. if exposure did cause the man's death he would be the fifth person in the bay area to die in the frigid temperatures over the past two weeks. sky 7hd captured the white caps on mount hamilton. the weekend forecast calls for more below preeing temperatures in parts of the bay area, but it is not likely that these peaks will get anymore snow. lots of snow in the sierra. the placer county town of apple gate got a dusting. and lake tahoe, and the ski resorts got up to three feet of new snow from the storm. all sierra resorts report they are offering limited operations until they get more snow. interstate 5 is back open after he it was closed.
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that stretch of the freeway closes regularly when it snows. the temperature drop in the central valley is threatening lemons and other citrus crops. the fruit on the inside of the trees is okay for now, but the lemons on the outside could be in jeopardy. citrus growers are constantly monitoring their crops, but even using helicopters as flying wind machines to force warm air back closer to the ground. you can stay on top of the cold weather with the abc7 news weather app, and it will give you hourly forecasts and severe weather alerts. you can download it it for free at in other news, the palo alto veteran held in north korea for more fan a month is back in northern california at a family home in santa cruz. meryl newman landed at sfo to a lot of fanfare. here is abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian with the developing store. >> meryl newman held on tight to the ones he missed most
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after being detained in north korea. and after traveling some 24 hours he is finally back in the bay area. >> it has been a great homecoming and i am tired and i am i am ready to be with my family. >> he and a man of few words. >> what is the first thing you will do when you make it back to your door? >> probably take my shoes off. >> after leaving sfo, the newman family came to their second home in santa cruz. it is a house they owned for decades and once inside they have been relaxing and spending time together. >> this is a photo taken this afternoon. they are not returning just yet to their primary residents in palo alto. yellow ribbons were tied as a symbol of meryl's safe return. the vice president joe biden who is in south korea had this to say about the korean war veteran's released.
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>> there is a good piece of news. they released someone they should never have had in the first place. >> the north korean government accused him of war crimes and the state media released this video of newman last week allegedly confessing to the crimes. the news outlet says newman's apology, his age and his medical condition lead to his released. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. at least six americans have been detained since 2009 including kenneth bay who has been held in north korea for more than a year. he is a korean-american missionary. he is accused of plotting to overthrow the communist government. a two-alarm fire seriously damaged an apartment building in alameda county. it happened late this afternoon in a two-story apartment building on on san jose avenue. fire officials say the cause was a faulty power cord in a
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second floor bedroom. displaced residents are being helped by the red cross. and a watermain break in castro valley. the pipe ruptured near 7 hills road and santa maria avenue. the water was restored by 8:00 this morning and the utility officials say the pipe was old and there is no specific cause of the break yet. the flooding was so severe it caused a sinkhole that partially swallowed up an alameda county fire engine and it was since removed. hearings on the asiana flight crash will be held in washington, d.c. the ntsb will hold a two-day investigative hearing on the july crash at sfo. the hearing will focus on pilot awareness and emergency response and cabin safety. a sonoma county sheriff deputy who shot and killed a 13-year-old santa rosa boy is expected to return to work next week. 48-year-old deputy eric gelhou use will be assigned to
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administrative duty. the teen pointed a weapon at him and it turned out to be an air soft gun that shoots plastic bb's. news about major league baseball and the effort to bring the oakland a's to the south bay. not good news for those who want to see the team move down there. bud selig wrote a letter to lou wolf in june denying the bid to go south. that letter came to light yesterday in a federal court filing. the giants claim san jose as part of their territory and they are trying to block the a's of month. san francisco undercover police officers will be at tomorrow afternoon's 49ers game against seattle. they will be dressed up as seahawk fans. the 49er-seahawk series turning into a bitter rivalry. san francisco police chief says there will be more decoy fans on sunday than at any other 9er game this season. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, leigh glaser will return with a look at tonight's plummeting temperatures. also, mourning nelson mandela and the delegation heading to
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south africa next week. and how to avoid getting sick over the holidays while traveling. and he is back. his return visit to san francisco and how this will help other ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday on sunday in south africa and today we learned that president obama and former presidents george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter will attend a tuesday memorial service for nelson mandela in
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johannnesburg. this as family and friends remember the former leader of south africa. >> this represents the country. >> nelson mandela will be laid to rest in grand style. on tuesday a memorial service like the world has never seen. some 905,000 people packed -- 95,000 people packed in the stadium. the former president will lie in state in the nation's legislative capitol. he will be laid to rest in the village of his boyhood. those closest to mandela say they will miss the simple things. he was one of mandela's closest friends and his lawyer. he remembers his friend's consideration even at the hospital this last few months. >> make sure you take a jacket and don't leave it behind. for a man who is critical
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about my jacket says something about this man. >> in the last several months of his life, a number of family's problems are public from what to do with his money to where he should be buried. but they have a united front and spoken with one voice. >> fran will host a -- san francisco will host a civic memorial. it will take place at city hall on wednesday at 8:00 a.m. flags are flying at half staff until sunset of next sunday. today marks the 72nd anniversary of pearl harbor. some 2500 soldiers, sailors and marines died in the bombing of the u.s. base in hawaii. about 2500 people gathered at pearl harbor this morning and they observed a moment of silence at exactly 7:55 a.m. and that was the moment the bombing began. a coalition of disabled veterans held a rally in oakland to remember pearl
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harbor. they are calling on lawmakers to safeguard funding for varied rans. the -- funding for veterans. it would protect against future shutdowns. another ceremony in the east bay had to move from mount diablo to concord because of the cold weather. they relayed a radio message to a state park employee who turned on the mountain top beacon. volunteers spent four months restoring the beacon. bat kid returned to san francisco to give back to those who made his own dream come true. 5-year-old miles scott, yes, in full bat kid regalia, lead the 5k. it was the brave the bay fundraiser. part of the fundraiser was a dip into the chilly bay and police chief greg sur was the one leading the way. >> it is so cold and it is such a great cause. it gets colder every year, but
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the energy is great. >> abc7 news anchor ama dates hosted the event. i do not believe ama wept running to the bay. dan ashley, we are everywhere. he was the emcee of concord's christmas tree lighting at todos santos plaza. they introduced groups made of world war ii veterans. the christmas tree will remain lit throughout the christmas season. leigh, it seems like cold, cold and more cold. >> cold, cold and more cold, but we will get a break especially as we get into wednesday and thursday as the daytime highs will climb back to the 60s. live doppler 7hd shows a few high clouds drift by the bay area. but the rain has pushed on out of the area. that is really going to make for some colder temperatures. less cloud cover, less moisture and clear sky and temperatures will really start to bottom out. right now we have 41 in san francisco and redwood city, you are only at 34 degrees.
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check out los gatos, 33. from our rooftop cam, a few more numbers with santa rosa 28 right now. it is 27 in novato and concord 34. livermore at 35 and definitely freeze warning in effect for much of the bay area. the exception is san francisco. sunny and cool for your sunday and then we will get into some warming as we head into the middle of next week. the cold air mass just continues to pound us. it is pushing one system right after the other. it is just driving the cold air mass in our direction. that's exactly what is going to be in place for us. tonight and actually the next couple days. in the north bay, in the mid20s. santa rosa 26 and 37 for san francisco. 27 over might by early tomorrow morning and 33 for san jose. i want to look ahead for the next several nights. tonight is not going to be the coldest night. it will actually be on
11:19 pm
monday. check out some of the overnight temperatures. twenties, low 20s inland and by monday morning near freezing by the bay and at the coast the temperatures are dipping below freezing and tuesday and wednesday that's when the air mass will start to shift toward the east and we will start to warm things up a bit. tomorrow by the way is a spare the air day. so no wood burning and poor air quality. no wood burning unless it is your only source of heat. sunday we start off with some clouds. you can see the rain stays off the coast. get ready for more sunshine. it is going to be a cool day with the daytime highs in the 40s. we may squeeze out a few 50s. heading to the game tomorrow and bundle up. in the 40s at the steek tomorrow. at the stick. it will be cool and the breezes will move in. by late in the day the temperatures will drop to the low 40s. highs for the sunday, it will keep most of us much like today in the 40s. 48 for richmond and san francisco.
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we may touch on 50 degrees in oakland and 49 for live more and san jose. but i tell you we get through the next couple nights with the hard freezes and by wednesday and thursday and friday we will warm up and start to thaw out a bit. temperatures during the day in the upper 50s to near 60. a slight chance of sprinkles next friday. >> looking forward to that. >> exactly. >> thank you, leigh. here is an invitation to help us feed the bay area this holiday season. visit the abc7 facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we will donate $1 to the bay area's feeding america's food banks up to $75,000. everybody who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner to be announced december 19th. mike shumann is here now. this is a huge day in college football. >> i thought you were going home. >> that would have been the plan. ama wanted a rest. >> stanford manhandle arizona
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pac-12 title game. arizona state hosting stanford and the cardinals dominated the sun devils to win the conference for the second straight season. arizona state won said-0 at this season. second play and tyler gaff neither takes it to the outside. down the sideline and he is gone. the longest rushing td for stanford. 7-0 just like that. sun devils and how will they respond their first possession? he goes 51 yards, longest run
11:25 pm
of the year for arizona state and the longest run allowed by stanford. ty montgomery and a little high step action and 22 yards for 6. 21-7 stanford and everything is coming up roses for the cardinals. still in the second and fourth and goal and gafney and a nice 1-00 yard rushing game. 28-7 stanford of the the third quarter and fourth and goal for asu, but the cardinals stop them. 38-14 your final and they win their second consecutive pac-12 championship title and headed to pasadena for the rose bowl game on january 1st. >> a lot of mutual respect and the bottom line is we have huge plays and it could be the play of the game. a 99-yard touchdown drive. >> it is unreal to have the opportunity to be out here. you can't even explain it. i love being out here with the stanford guys. being on this stage is why you come back. >> big 10 championship. ohio state and mitch miff.
11:26 pm
michigan. connor cook and he gets behind the coverage and nobody will catch him. 72-yard touchdown and 10-0 sparty. sparty is now up 17. buckeyes claw their way back. this one six yards and the buckeyes take a 24-17 lead. trying to run out the clock. 26-yard touchdown and sparty ends ohio state's nation leading 24-game win streak and 34-24 your final. michigan state goes to the rose bowl to face stanford. with ohio state out of the national title picture who will florida state play? a game behind the poe
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game. the offense got off to a slow start. a breakthrough in the second to calvin benjamin. 14 yards and 7-0knolls. 14-0. winston finds benjamin again. 54-yards and winston threw for 330 and three touchdown and improving to 19-0 all time against duke and cruising to a 45-7 win and 12-0 on the season and will play for the national title in the bcs championship game in pasadena on january 6th against a team to be determined, most likely auburn. california high in the ncs division 1 championship game. first quarter and de la salle and he takes a handoff and rips off a 28-0 touchdown. ide la la salle is up 23-0. 66 yards to the house. de la salle wins their 22nd straight ncs championship,
11:31 pm
49-17 your final. after a 27-point come back they were blown out against houston. mark jackson looking for intensity. they lost nine straight in memphis. warriors are in transition. a little behind the back to barnes. throws it it down and warriors up seven and moving the ball. clay lead the warriors with 30. steph curry goes coast to coast. a step around lay up. alley-oop and warriors are up 72-54. david leigh chipped in and warriors are up by 21. they cruise to a 108-82 victory. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, candlestick memories as we are down to the final two games. if i can remember playing there, i would come up with a few myself. >> hit in the head too many times. still to come, you know it
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i'm larry beil in for ama dates. in tonight's headlines newman was back with his family after a harrowing experience in north korea. the 85-year-old was held for over a month for alleged crimes committed during the korean war. there was a fire at this apartment house in alameda. it left five people homeless. the fire was caused by a short and a power cord in a second floor bedroom. it is another extremely cold night in the bay area. several cities reporting temperatures below freezing and the cold snap is expected to run through next week.
11:36 pm
several bay area shelters are opening their doors earlier and staying open later for the homeless. at least four people have died in the past two weeks from exposure. as cold as it feels here, it is actually much worse in other parts of the country. roads are treacherous. this video shows snow in downtown dallas, texas, power lines are down and flights have been canceled and there is even more to come. here is abc news reporter chuck sievertson. >> 16 people have died in the freeze gripping the u.s. many died on slick roads including the driver of a pick up truck that hit an icy patch on this bridge in texas. the car spun out of control and flipped over the guardrail into the water below. they braved freezing temperatures trying to get to the car. >> dealing with 17 degree temperatures. they had to get on suits and get in there and get the truck lifted out. >> they spent long hours trying to get a ham on the storm that turned from rain to sleet and snow and in
11:37 pm
someplaces black ice forcing cars to slow down and flipping over trucks. >> road conditions so treacherous they were walking instead of driving to, would. >> it is really bad because nobody was driving. >> it left tens of thousands without power. and more than 3,000 passengers were forced to camp out at the dallas forth worth international airport after 400 flights were canceled. forecasters say the icy weather system is barreling into the mid-atlantic and virginia where officials say the storm has potential to be a historic ice event. as for the rest of the country, record lows on saturday night. and a new storm brewing in the northwest. abc news, new york. and the central valley is getting cold air of the -- cold air. the know -- the snow brought
11:38 pm
great news for skiers. the kids were happy. lots of cold and snow in the bay area. this is a viewer photo showing snow this morning in ukiah and check out this one. you can see the snow piling up in one of our viewer's backyards. you can send us your weather photos. send them to you report dsh united airlines cannot explain why they left a passenger on board an empty plane with the doors locked. last night tom wagner woke up in a cold cabin. he took a nap a on a flight from louisiana and somehow the walk through at the end of the flight completely missed him. >> what if i had a medical condition or something? what if i had a heart attack and i was dead? you just shut the plane and leave somebody on there? that's the way i look at. it. >> wagner called his girlfriend and she reached the airline. crews eventually came to let him out. united express says they are investigating the incident and
11:39 pm
gave wagner a $250 voucher. in the u.s. alone 65 million people will take to the skies this month along with their baggage many travelers will be carrying something they may inadvertently share with you and that is their germs. here is david wright on how to avoid the dreaded airplane bugs. >> one of the busiest travel times of the year also happens to be cold and flu season. studies show travelers are at higher risk. as much as 20% more likely to catch something. although not necessarily on the plane itself. the cabin air is cleaner than what you will find in most office buildings. it is circulated through the hospital grade filters. the airplanes are pretty germy environments. the hot zone is the row in front of you and the row behind you and all of these areas here. the tray tables and the seat pocket and anywhere that is likely to have caught a sneeze. the airport with the crowded
11:40 pm
ticket counters. the tsx checkpoint is an even bigger petri dish for disease. no air filters there, but plenty of coughs and sneezes. >> the best way to stay healthy is keep your hands clean. when you are traveling it is alcohol sanitizer. >> a single sneeze can produce 30,000 droplets that can spread as far as six feet. not exactly anyone's idea of spreading holiday cheer. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> yuck. the california health exchange is sharing data with insurance agents without consumer consent. the l.a. times said the state provided personal information to the agents when consumers researched coverage on-line. but they didn't complete an application and didn't ask to be contacted. 10s of thousands of consumers are affected. there is hopeful muse on the blood cancer front. gene therapy is making a major advance against leukemia and other cancers leak lymphoma.
11:41 pm
white blood cells are removed and they contain a gene that attacks cancer and then return to the patient. more than 120 patients are in the study and 24 had a complete remission after the treatment. progress check now on the demolition of the old bay bridge. they flew over the eastern span of the bridge this morning. most of the top deck is now gone. work to dismantle the original span began last month. it is expected to last or take about six weeks to complete. just ahead, one of the biggest parades winds its way through the streets. and warmth and comfort. the chair that can keep you warm without heating the whole room will put you in the hotseat. >> and don't we all need one of those? i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. turkey travel back east. if your plans take you there and what you can expect traveling into southern california and another look at my accu-weather seven-day fore
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you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. holiday parade made its way through downtown oakland today. more than 20 high school marching bands kicked off the 14th annual america's
11:45 pm
children's holiday parade. people lined the streets in the city center to watch the parade and the highlights included characters like curious george and garfield, tap dancing trees and of course santa claus. in concord, santa did not drop in as usual. he flew in. it has been a tradition for santa to skydive into the city's buchanan field. but the f.a.a. made changes this year restricting the airspace over buchanan. santa switched a parachute for a plane and came through yet again delighting the kids waiting for him. there will be dozens of santas visiting next weekend. it is the annual santa con adventure. shu will dress up as santa claus. each december since 1994 santa visited around the world to bring toy and drink. santa con started in denmark in the 1970s. when the weather gets cold we look for creative ways to stay warm without driving up the pg&e bill. tonight researchers at uc
11:46 pm
berkeley may have found one. abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom tells us you do not have to leave the comfort of your office chair. it looks like a chair, but the word chair is not in its name. this is a personal comfort system jie. we tried to make something -- >> we tried to make somebody look like a regular chair. >> hidden in the black uh upholstrey are two silent fans and a heating coil and a battery. >> i am in heating mode with the red light. if i switch it to cool i get the blue light and i am immediately cooled. i can feel it instantly. >> he lead the research at the center for the built environment. they looked at ways to keep workers happy and save energy at the same time. >> this is a foot warmer jie. from this to a deck fan and a cooling pad for your wrists. >> they found out heating and cooling people is a lot more efficient than heating and cooling a building. >> in the library we were able to cut the energy use by 50%
11:47 pm
in a period in which we gave people these chairs and turned off the thermostat. >> researchers have been testing the chair out on real people in this climate controlled test chamber where it is a brisk 64 degrees right now. mynose was pretty chilly, but since i sat down, i completely forgot about it because the rest of me is toasty warm. >> the response is possible -- positive. >> they brought it to a dry 62 degrees and a humid 86 with hardly any complaints. the key is giving people the power to do something about it. >> when they have control they proceed. >> there is also this, two people can have aen 10-degree difference in the way they perceive temperature. instead of arguing they can both be comfortable. >> we hope that we are going to change the rules. we are going to change the way the people design for comfort. >> they are shopping for a manufacturer who will make the chair. jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> leigh glaser joins us now
11:48 pm
with the accu-weather forecast. leigh, we need heated everything now jie. we certainly do. as we get into thursday and friday we will be taking a lot of those heavy coats and putting them away as the temperatures will start to warm bong. we will have clear skies and that will give way to very cold temperatures. i do want to turn your attention to the tennessee valley up toward ohio and heading up toward the new england area. a lot of this rain will turn into freezing rain near washington washington, d.c. as well as snow through ohio and new york. be prepared for numerous delays there as tomorrow temperatures will be hovering near the freezing mark. dc32 and 29 in chicago. light snow there and around san francisco, points southward, most of the rain will stay off the coast. los angeles 58. it will be cold in yosemite, 34 and 27 in tahoe. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will start to
11:49 pm
thaw out on wednesday, thursday and friday as the temperatures climb near 60 degrees. folks, the next couple nights, freeze warnings are in place for the bay area. by the way, follow at live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. you can get spare the air alerts and power outage info and weather tweets. we have a spare the air day tomorrow as well. >> and chilly at the niners game. >> in the 40s, 49ers. >> well that's perfect. i will be in the press box where it is warm. 49ers are counting it down. seahawks tomorrow, but not many home games left at the stick. >> two more games at candlestick park before they blow the place up and move to santa clara next year. we thought we would take you back for some memories. 24r has been a lot of moments and we have a few next in i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why?
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or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. games left at candlestick park. the seahawks tomorrow and then the falcons, monday night football on the 23rd. we put together a compilation of former and current players. here are their memories starting with jerry rice. >> the receiver taken us out of the game. then he came and said we will let you do it tonight. we ran out on the field and everybody in the stadium knew what was coming. i remember tim brown was halfway on the field.
11:53 pm
he was pissed. jerry, are you not going to do this to us on monday night. we were able to break the record. i remember steve young, and it was not a spiral. it was a duck, steve. i still made my quarterback look good and fought for the ball. >> there's many. the one that stands out is the come back playoff win against the giants. the second is the overtime win against the jets. i can go on and on. a lot of great memories in candlestick. a lot of history made in that stadium. definitely going to miss being a part of a 49er history. having a great career there. >> certainly in my mind the greatest game that has ever been played in candlestick certainly in the last 20 years since 1994 the 1994 championship from an emotional standpoint every bit of energy and every bit of emotion and every bit you have is truly
11:54 pm
left on the field and not just the players, but the fans my mind sticks out as the greatest individual game. >> this is the way it started. it all started for me. it is going to be tough to leave here. but there is another side. 24r* is another side and another place for it. >> now my best memories, my first nfl start on monday night against the steelers in 1978. they killed us. they won their third super bowl of the decade. 1979 and next to last game of the season and we had one game in bill walsh's first season as head coach. we were never on tv back then. i caught this touchdown and tampa played in that game against the rams. i let him have his first spike. we carried bill walsh off the
11:55 pm
field. i for one am going to miss candlestick. stanford is on their way to the 100th rose bowl. they defeat arizona state. arizona state is 7-0 this season, but stanford took control. tyler gafney and what a year he has had. the longest rushing td of the year. 7-0 cardinals. gafney ran for 133 yards. fourth and goal. and they win their second consecutive pac-12 championship title. they are headed to pasadena. it is the 100th rose bowl game on january 1st. >> we had two bumps in the road and a lot of people wrote us off after that. our seniors in particular, you heard our seniors never batted an eyelash and never stopped believing. they said let's keep our head down and win as many games as we can. at the end of the year, going to the rose bowl.
11:56 pm
>> ohio state and michigan and buckeyes are on the way to the national championship. i would say he is open. 72-yard touchdown. it is 10-0. they are now up 17-0 and buckeyes will claw their way back. quarterback braxton miller and second rushing touchdown of the day. buckeyes take the lead. fourth quarter and sparty with the lead trying to run out the clock. 26-yard score and he ends ohio state's win streak 34-24 the final and michigan state will face stan in order in the rose bowl. it is a shot of the national title game. it is off to a slow start. winston to benjamin and 14-yards and 7-0noles. you a 12-yard run and he earns it. noles on top 14. winston finds benjamin again. 54 yards and three td's and the seminoles win it big 45-7. they are on their way to the
11:57 pm
national title game. their opponent to be determined probably auburn. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. i will say everyone's most famous memory would be beating dallas in the championship game. >> i love the video of dwight hugging you. you probably figure he will finally stop complaining about not getting the ball. they threw it to you. >> exact. >> it worked out
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
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i'm not charging him. sorry. i heard you. but whhim? you're not charging him? look, mister-- dr. freedman. dr. cooper freedman. this is dr. charlotte king. the man you should be charging is lee mchenry. do you know the case? okay, we'd like another lawyer-- someone who knows what they're doing, someone good. ms. king's first statement to the police was that she was robbed-- not raped, robbed.


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